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Our Story.


Delvalentino Productions started it's humble beginnings in 1999 with the stop motion short film 'Polaroid Experiment part 1'. The film was originally made for a local competition but its final length ended up longer than the competition's regulations and couldn't enter. But with the excitement of the first completed film a private screening was shown and video tape copies were sold.  The film also made it onto the ABC's Rage program that year as a music clip. Delvalentino Productions was born.


After a ten year hiatus, in 2009 the plan to make a full length feature film with character ideas from Polaroid Experiment part 1 began. Sketches where drawn, models made in clay and a screenplay was written. It's name is 'Barkoo's Amerie'. 

Poster sample 1.jpg

So, Barkoo's Amerie was carefully placed aside to return soon and Delvalentino Productions began making itself known to the rest of the world. A series of short animations and music videos were made and sent out into the world of film festivals. The result, are many selected screenings, finalists and award winners.

New films are currently in production and soon to spread their wings. As is Barkoo's Amerie.

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