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Del Valentino Productions is all about art, entertainment, education and animation - old school and new with a message of equality attached.

"I try to add a moral story to all my films, like an education from within our day-to-day society. A message about equality and looking out for others. Even if there is something different and obscure about them...we are still all the same inside."


Richie Valentino

Up coming Event

New York Times Square

Date: Monday 24th June

Time: 13:00 New York time

Address: 156 Broadway, New York, NY 10036

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Barkoo's Amerie makes it into the Quarter Finals at the Snow Leopard International Film Festival in Stockholm Sweden.

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Films thus far.

Wolf face- poster2 + laurels.jpg
A2 Pogo Official poster + laurels.jpg
Official poster - laurels.jpg
A2 mi amore my love poster.jpg
A2 mi amore poster.jpg
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