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Anime shorts:

A 1 minute short for a Homeward homes promotion.

A 1 minute promo for Barkoo's Amerie.

Pre-production - Barkoo's Amerie:

  As a universe rolls with its cycles of life, no being really knows what truly exists, or comes and goes between planets and their solar systems. But one thing they do know for sure is that there are always the peaceful ..... and there are always the hungry for more.

   ‘BARKOO’S AMERIE’ is the story of Barkoo, a lonely Warrior who has been given a mission by his Queen to save their planet of Amerie from the invasive and destructive Gardinnians.


    THE MISSION, is to head to the deep forest where Barkoo must find the only living key possible to destroy the invaders’ conquest. The Minds of Reason. As well as battling against the Gardinnian forces in his quest, Barkoo collects a group of misfits and quirky characters who join him in the fight for survival. 

     This is a full-length animated film currently in it's pre-production, promotional stage. Preview soundtrack also composed and written by Richie Valentino.


Screenings and Awards

*Official Selection - Chicago Script Awards 2021

Barkoo's Amerie preview Soundtrack - Richie Valentino
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Character Stills
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