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Mi Amore

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This short film is a love tragedy and as typical as they are, it also ends on a sad note. But there is always a brighter side to every story. Set with in a world focused on differences while overrun by fear and individualistic separation there are still those who believe in the power of touch, spiritual connection and equality. They; continue seeking love, trust and warmth through the strength of their heart and not just how they are told to perceive or how they are told to judge by what they simply see. The film took three years to make.


Ivy Fox O'Sullivan - Female voice

Tom O'Sullivan - Male voice

End song - Amigos Jamming

Screenings / Awards

2019 - *Finalist" - Los Angeles Animation Festival 

2020 - *Official Selection" - Animation Day in Cannes 

2020 - *Winner "Oscar"- Award of Recognition - Best Shorts Competition 

2021 - *Official Selection" - Shockfest film Festival 

2021 - *Finalist" - International Animation Festival L.A.

2021 - *Semi Finalist" - New York Animation Film Awards 

2022 - "Winner" - Best Animation - London Movie Awards

2022 - *Winner" - Best Animation - FEEDBACK Romance and Relationship Festival

2022 -*Semi-Finalist" - Niagara Falls International Film Festival

2023 - *Official Selection" - Tuesday of Horror

2023 - "Winner" - Best Poetry Short Film - Stanley Film Awards

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