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The Lamb

Lamb official +SAHF.jpg

Hand drawn on A5 sheets of paper, this classic tale of a lamb and wolf takes a turn slightly obscure from its average known story. In this tale, there is a message to be heard and sometimes that message needs to be pushed just a little harder to be understood.
A lamb with a twitch, a lamb that's not quite there and a wolf who's hunger just does not care. Don't pick on the deprived Big Bad Wolf... others are watching.

A one year project to complete and a gem of a film too. A definite favourite.

Screenings / Awards

2014 - *Official Selection" -  Melbourne International Animation festival 2014 - World/Australian  Premiere

2014 - *Official Selection" - Animation Libation Studios'

 International short film animation festival - Los Angeles Premiere 

2018 - *Official Selection" - Tasmanian BOFA Film Festival 

2020 - *Winner" - Short Film Factory 

2020 - *Official Selection" - 18th South African HorrorFest 

2022 - *Winner" - Best Animation Film  - Reale Film Festival 

2022 - "Semi-finalist" - Lonely Wolf Film Festival

2022 - *Official Selection" - Indie shorts Awards Cannes

2022 - *Official Selection" - Diversity Film Festival and table read screenplays

2022 - "Semi-finalist" - Niagara Falls International film Festival

2022 - "Semi-finalist" - Venezia shorts

2022 - "Nominee" - Climax Film Festival

2022 -*Semi-Finalist" - Cannes Indie shorts awards

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