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Pogo is Bored 

Pogo 'fat' -Trio icecream -POSTER 2 smal

Pogo is Bored is a new series about being treated equally and that we can all be friends no matter what size and shape, nationality or being we are. 


Pogo is always in search of something new to do. He loves to help others in need and is very keen to jump in with innovative ideas to do so.  Along with his best friends Flower and Nicole, together they make this right.


Nicole Komalarajun - Female friend voiceover

Screenings / Awards

                                     Episode 1 - Fat


2021 - *Official Selection" - Serbest International Film Festival


2022 -*Winner" - Best Animation - Los Angeles Comedy, Film and screenplay Festival

2022 -*Official Selection" - Mega Art Festival

2022 -*Semi-Finalist" - Melbourne Independent Film Festival

2023 -*Official Selection" - Top Line International Distribution Showcase

2024 -*Semi-Finalist" - Animate - Australian Animation Film Festival

                                     Episode 2 - Bully

2023 -*Official Selection" - Wildsound Feedback Film and Screenplay Festival

2023 -*Official Selection" - Hollywood Gold Awards

Click on the poster to hear a Podcast interview with Wildsound about Pogo.

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Pogo is Bored - Ep2 Review
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