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Polaroid Experiment Prt.1

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Enter Cardioidosaurus, the being created to save the wirees from the destructive croots who have demolished most living things existing outside of their castle's realm. But, things don't always go as they're planned...

Cardioidosaurus - Polaroide Experiment
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*Private viewing exhibition in Brisbane, Australia- 1999 World Premiere

Shot on Super 8 film at a household home in Queensland in 1999. Sets were built on dining tables and spare rooms in the house, during a one year period. Original length was 12 mins, but was cut down to 9 mins to enter into a competition. The cut footage was never recovered.
Total expense was $1,000

The Soundtrack was composed, recorded and mixed by Polaroide Experiment (Marty Brown, Richard Lyford-Pike)

Film Stills
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