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Artspace Innovations and New York's Times Square
thines square.jpg

     An exciting new opportunity will be showcasing a 15 second preview of 'Mi Amore Connections' at New York's Times Square which also acknowledging the violence against women.

Date and time to be anounced.

Premiere Exhibition 2020 Melbourne, Australia

    Well what a fabulous exhibition it was. An opening night extravaganza  and a full week with so many delightful and friendly faces. Some already well known and others new.

        It was such a joy to have all the films put together in one visual setting. You can really see their individual expressions and how they also connect with each others' main message of equality. I loved hearing what people had to say about their favourite films and my opportunity to explain the story and reasoning behind them.

The exhibition space was dispersed on two levels. One level with original artwork, prints and cinema booth showing the background work for each film. The second level was converted into a rooftop cinema showcasing all six films in rotation. 

Exhibition Tour

Due to Melbourne's lockdown periods here weren't too many available free hands to assist with the construction, so I had to make it work to my best capabilities.

Official posters going up.

Walls had to be built to create more space for the artwork as the initial room had only one wall to hang on.

Exhibition poster with address.jpg

New walls up for  the cinema booth.

Official exhibition poster.

The exhibition
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